Hindu privilege – Brown disadvantage

It is currently 5am. I have just returned from a party with my parents' old friends where I was an honorary guest. The discussion, turning to politics towards the end turned ugly and earned the rebuke of the host. I can imagine hosts everywhere are having to adopt a 'no politics' motto in their spaces … Continue reading Hindu privilege – Brown disadvantage


Is it time to go home?

To those who have read our last post, will probably know it was a long time ago. I'd like to say, we have been out on so many dazzling adventures (climbing the Everest, kissing a whale or even simply lying on a remote beach) but it couldn't be further from the truth. We got the … Continue reading Is it time to go home?


So,  We headed out of UK with way too much stuff on 14 September. Today is 21 October. 5 weeks.  Where are we at? What's worked? What doesn't work? How are the kids doing? How are we doing? Last night train.. Pete resting as the kids watch cartoons (there have been many cartoons) We are … Continue reading Home

Another day another journey

My nose is full of flu, My kids are still in thier underwear, and we're watching cartoons again. Tonight we have an over night train to Agra. Hena and I are not 'sniff' looking forward to this 'cough'. Last night we witnessed evening pujah at Dashashwamedh Ghat, on the banks of the Ganga, Benares. Having … Continue reading Another day another journey

The not so nice train ride.. and then.. 

Today we arrived in Varanasi. Not as long a journey as we have been experiencing. All in all, I think from our Kolkata accommodation to Varanasi accommodation took 17 hours.  We spent 4 hours yesterday in the foreign tourist ticket reservation office. There was only one complete meltdown and 2-3 borderline meltdowns by one kid … Continue reading The not so nice train ride.. and then..